Tips for a Great Session - Photography by Gelinda

I describe my sessions as silliness with purpose.   I want to capture true expressions, true emotions, true life.   Expect silly jokes, funny faces, little unexpected requests to lighten the mood, get your mind off the pressure of having photos taken, and capture those priceless childhood memories.  Kid and family sessions will include running and jumping and swinging and lots of action, so be prepared.  

Your outfits should color -coordinate.  You don't have to match perfectly but you do want to look like you belong together.  Please no neon colors as they cause your neck and chin to glow the color of your shirt, never a good look !

No busy prints or graphics.  Think simple, solid colors or easy patterns.  


Baby Session 3 months to 1 year:

Bring several changes of clothing, primary colors, jeans, dress. Bring any cute hats or headbands, tie for boys.

Baby should be well fed and have napped prior to arrival.

Bring a favorite toy or blanket.

2nd person optional, not always needed if baby responds well to strangers

Toddlers 1-3 years

Bring several changes of clothing.  I have a variety of props to choose from including rocking horses, red wagon, giraffe ride on, chairs, etc.      Scroll thru my childrens galleries to get clothing ideas. 

Bring hats for boys, tutus and headbands for girls, favorite toys or teddy bears.

Bring cake for cake smash shots (Publix has a giant cupcake for $3 that works great).

You may also bring balloons if desired.

Child should be well fed and have napped prior to arrival. 2nd person only needed if child is afraid around strangers.

For mobile 12-24 month olds, you should practice taking pictures, posing, singing a song, doing a dance, something that will keep them in one place for a few minutes, keep them entertained and allow some great photo ops.

If they have a favorite interactive toy, please bring, especially one that lights up or makes noise.  Bubbles and balls are usually good attention getters. 

Please bring a drink and small snack ( non messy ). 


Coordinate color and style, and be comfortable.

Personalize your session with props.  Balloons, picture frames, small words spelled out.  Pinterest is always a good place to find ideas to bring out your personal style.


Coordinate Color and Style.  Mix and match colors ( example : some in blue with touches of pink, some in pink with touches of blue ) 

Ask older children to help entertain younger children during solo shots

Bring snacks and drinks for younger children

High School Seniors

Bring several changes of outfit in different styles.  You should have one casual, one dressy, and one that reflects your personal style.

Bring props such as school books or musical instrument, sport themed items to reflect your interests in school.

If you are never without your phone, bring it for a few pics.